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Associate Degree in Theology

The Associate Degree program is designed for those applicants who have limited or no undergraduate college credits but have a burning desire to serve in ministry. The Associate’s programs grant an Associate of Biblical Studies suitable for Deacons, Elders, Sunday school teachers, ministry leaders, and others serving in lay leadership positions in the church. The students will receive their certificates as they finish each module and an Associate of Biblical Studies degree upon the completion of 8 Modules (60 Credit hours). Each Associate Degree is $2500.00 and each Module is $350.00 (I.e., $350.00 per Module x 8 Modules = $2500.00).

Each Course is worth 1.5 credits and each Module is worth 7.5 Credits. You will receive your certificate as you finish each Module and an Associate of Biblical Studies degree upon the Completion of 6 Modules (60 Credit hours).

At YUAS, we are committed to preparing our students academically, spiritually and professionally.
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Degree Curriculum

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Tuition Fee : $2,500.00