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Bachelor of Arts in Theology (Biblical Studies)

This Degree program provides the student with the history, context and message of the bible. Careers include seminary, pastoring, church operations & theology.

This Degree seeks to provide in-depth knowledge about the contents of the Bible.

Careers include seminary, pastoring, church history, church operations and theology.

What you’ll learn

  1. Theological interpretations of the Bible.
  2. How to research and write for religious disciplines.
  3. Examine the broad range of issues involved in interpreting the Bible.
  4. Intercultural communication and engagement.
  5. Provide in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the contents of the Bible.
  6. Methodical study of Scripture.
  7. Old and New Testament backgrounds.

At YUAS, we are committed to preparing our students academically, spiritually and professionally.

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Degree Curriculum

BIST 101: Christian Worship Course
BIST 103: Christology Course
BIBT 231: Soteriology Course
BIBL 117: Introduction to Homiletics Course
BIBL 119: Introduction to Hermeneutics Course
BIST 113: Born- Again Phenomenon Course
BIST 203: Church History Course
CETH 256: Christian Ethics Course
PSY 249: Psychology in the Real World I Course
BIBL 303: New Testament Survey Course
BIBL 305: Old Testament Survey Course
BIST 223: Revelation of Jesus Christ Course
BIBL 159: Justification Before God Course
COMM 417: Communication in Business Course
LED 476: Foundations for Successful Leadership I Course
FIN 235: Finance Overview Course
BIST 313: Man’s Redemption Course
BIBM 115: Church, Her Authority & Mission I Course
BIBM 215: Church, Her Authority & Mission II Course
FIN 357: Basics of Financial Analysis Course
SOC 130: Basics of Sociology Course
BIBL 427: Advanced New Testament Survey Course
BIBL 428: Advanced Old Testament Survey Course
PNEM 307: Pneumatology Course
BIBL 259: Saving Faith Course

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Tuition Fee : $5,000.00