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Bachelor of Arts in Christian Coaching

This Degree Program prepares students to be trained in the area of coaching individuals to help them reach their professional and personal goals.

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Coaching will equip students to develop the skills and methods to provide biblical sound guidance and teaching to others in helping them attain their goals.

Careers include Career coach, Life coach, Counselor, Schools

What you’ll learn

  1. Develop the knowledge, skills and strategies needed to be an effective coach.
  2. Evaluate current coaching models and techniques.
  3. Understand the psychology necessary to motivate and understand your clients.
  4. Understand the principles of counseling.
  5. Specialized training in starting a business, business ethics and management.
  6. Understand why soul issues must be dealt with.

At YUAS, we are committed to preparing our students academically, spiritually and professionally.

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Degree Curriculum

BIST 101: Christian Worship Course
BIST 103: Christology Course
BIBT 231: Soteriology Course
PSY 115: Introduction to Psychology Course
COUS 136 Principles of Counseling Course
COUS 224 Grief Counseling Course
BIST 203: Church History Course
CETH 256: Christian Ethics Course
PSY 249: Psychology in the Real World I Course
PSY 236 Psychological Science Course
SOLT 257 Soul Issues I Course
SOLT 457 Soul Issues II Course
COUS 441 Advanced Counseling Course
COMM 417: Communication in Business Course
LED 476: Foundations for Successful Leadership I Course
FIN 235: Finance Overview Course
PSY 437: Psychology in the Real World II Course
CBUS 219: Business Ethics Course
PNEM 307 Pneumatology Course
FIN 357: Basics of Financial Analysis Course
SOC 130: Basics of Sociology Course
CBUS 101: Starting a Business Course
CBUS 319: Business Management Course
LED 478: Foundations for Successful Leadership II Course
MBUS 436 Business Mgt & Human Psychology Course

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Tuition Fee : $5,000.00