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Yehuda University and Seminary

Yehuda University and Seminary (“YUAS”) was founded for the purpose of empowering students to excel in their spiritual assignments, service, vocation and entrepreneurial endeavors. We believe that a student’s spiritual and ethical growth is related to their academic and social growth.

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Study anytime or anywhere at your own pace from YUAS

Professional Courses

Professional courses that help you learn easily from home

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Study anytime or anywhere at your own pace from YUAS


Receive your certificate from a leading Christian Universitiy

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Our tuition is very affordable

Featured Degree

Choose from over 30+ Accredited Programs

M.Sc. in Practical Ministry & PhD in Christian Counseling

These Dual Degree provide the student with advanced study in biblical psychology, in-depth knowledge of the scripture & selected psychotherapies.


Application Fee: $95.00

Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Ethics & Management

Scholars in this Doctoral program are prepared with advanced theoretical analysis & application skills necessary in leadership positions in an organization.


Application Fee: $95.00

Master's of Arts in Christian Ethics & Management

Learn the principles of organizational change, decision-making, strategic thinking & innovation. Prepare to become an effective Leader with global vision.


Application Fee: $75.00

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counseling

This Degree prepares the students on basics of counseling various individuals through the integration of psychological theories with faith-based background.


Application Fee: $55.00

Associate in Leadership Development and Spiritual Formation

The Associate Degree program is designed for those applicants who have limited or no undergraduate college credits but have a burning desire to serve in ministry.


Application Fee: $25.00

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