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Dr. David Avery earned his Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems and a Master’s in Business Administration from Villanova University.

He also holds a Master’s of Science in Accountancy as well as a Doctorate of Philosophy in Christian Leadership and Business and is a member of MENSA.

In addition to his academic and intellectual accomplishments, Dr. Avery has over 11 years of executive business leadership experience, building and leading Operations and Analytics teams at multiple organizations before founding a successful 7-figure consulting firm that specializes in optimizing Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success processes, systems, and reporting.

Dr. Avery has always had a passion for worship ministry and religious fine arts, having attended a performing arts academy at a young age before going on to serve as a Minister of Music for three different churches, directing multiple choirs, and expressing masterful proficiency in piano, playing for institutions such as the Greater Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce as well as opening for several prominent gospel music artists such as Fred Hammond, Martha Munizzi, Tramaine Hawkins, and more.

Dr. David Avery

Professor Daniel Avery earned his Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration from George Washington University, and is a Nevada Certified License Massage Therapist, and Personal Trainer.

Professionally, Professor Avery is a long-standing leader in the field of Preventative Health and Medicine. He has over 15 years of experience of educating clients on health-related matters and helping them to identify and overcome early health imbalances. Professor Avery served 8 years in the United States Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and Preventive Medicine Technician where he led four different teams within Naval hospitals, branch clinics and aboard Naval vessels, that were responsible for the health and safety of over 10,000 service members.

While in college, Professor Avery served as a Physical Therapist Intern in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation departments of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Prior to entering the Navy, Professor Avery held the position of Wellness Coordinator for Liberty Lutheran Long-Term Care facility where he was responsible for all physical fitness programs. Additionally, he served as a National Health Insurance Advisor helping patients understand the various plans available to them under Medicare and Medicaid.

Currently, Professor Avery serves as a Registered Environmental Health specialist, where he contracts with the Public Health Department to ensure health and safety standards are met in public facilities by serving as an Inspector, Safety Auditor, and educating the public on occupational health and safety matters.  He is also a licensed Realtor and real estate investor, an anointed trumpet player and proficient Bible Study teacher.

Professor Daniel Avery