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Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ethics & Management

This Degree Program will prepare the student for business management, consulting, administrative and leadership roles within an ever changing work-environment.

This Degree is designed to prepare students for leadership positions in business, government and nonprofit organizations.

Define and understand strategic planning, financial management, marketing and other areas in which an organizational leader must be knowledgeable in order to be effective.

Gain the skills needed to stay ahead in an ever changing work-environment.

Learn to apply the science of psychology and business, using evidence-based practices to innovate, drive results, and manage change in today’s organizations.

Careers include agencies, business owners, administrator, managers, CEO, schools, hospital administrator, human resource administrator.

At YUAS, we are committed to preparing our students academically, spiritually and professionally.

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Degree Curriculum

BIST 101: Christian Worship Course
BIST 103: Christology Course
BIBT 231: Soteriology Course
MBUS 132: Basics of Marketing Course
CBUS 319: Business Management Course
CBUS 219: Business Ethics Course
BIST 203: Church History Course
CETH 256: Christian Ethics Course
PSY 249: Psychology in the Real World I Course
MBUS 436: Business Mgt & Human Psychology Course
CBUS 307: Entrepreneurship Course
CBUS 493: Business Models: Networking/Innovating/Globalizing
CBUS 403: Business Economics Course
COMM 417: Communication in Business Course
LED 476: Foundations for Successful Leadership I Course
FIN 235: Finance Overview Course
LED 476: Foundations for Successful Leadership I Course
FIN 238: The Financial System Course
FIN 369: Corporate Financing Decision Course
FIN 357: Basics of Financial Analysis Course
SOC 130: Basics of Sociology Course
HREM 351: Human Resources Management Course
BIST 129: God’s Eternal Decree Course
BIBL 126: Introduction to Regeneration Course
BIBL 128: Regeneration and Conversion Course

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Tuition Fee : $5,000.00