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Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (Divinity)

This Advanced Degree program equips students to examine the complexities of the scriptures and pull theological truths about God, His nature and His actions.

The PhD in Theology (Divinity) teaches students to succeed as a theologian. As a theologian, students will engage with difficult passages in the Bible, wrestle with the big religious issues of the day, and examine how the Church in the past interpreted scriptures.

Careers include Seminary, Pastor, Church history, Church operations and Theology.

What you’ll learn

  1. Learn advanced research in religion and theological studies.
  2. Theological design for transformative ministry.
  3. Theological interpretations of the Bible.
  4. Examine the broad range of issues involved in interpreting the Bible.
  5. Practical methods on Bible lesson preparation.
  6. Provide in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the contents of the Bible.

At YUAS, we are committed to preparing our students academically, spiritually and professionally.

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Degree Curriculum

  • BIBL 631 Principles of Biblical Interpretation Course
  • BIBM 613 Christ & Culture: Eternity & Time Course
  • PSYC 619 Psychology: Learning Process Course
  • BIBT 625 Theological Design for Transformative Ministry Course
  • BIBL 623 Dispensation of Law and Grace Course
  • CBUS 612 Business Models: Networking/Innovating/Globalizing
  • LEAD 627 Leadership & Reconciliation Course
  • BIBT 633 Church Doctrine: The Trinity Course
  • BIBL 637 Practical Methods: Bible Lesson Preparation Course

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Tuition Fee : $10,000.00