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Master’s of Science in Christian Psychology

The Degree teaches students about the human mind and behavior through a spiritual and theological perspective.

The Master’s of Science in Christian Psychology prepares students to better understand how people think and how to build quality relationships in business, ministry, and community.

Careers include Counseling, Pastoral Ministry, Social Workers, Behavior Healthcare Organizations, Schools, Medical- related Fields, Church Administration.

What you’ll learn

  1. Understand how personality affects human behavior.
  2. Understand Psychological personalities and disorders.
  3. Learn how to treat psychological disorders.
  4. Behavior management.
  5. Understand biblical foundations in counseling.
  6. Integrate basic psychological theories with the scriptures.
  7. Develop the student’s personal life.
  8. Psychological research techniques.

At YUAS, we are committed to preparing our students academically, spiritually and professionally.

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Degree Curriculum

BIBL 516 Advanced Homiletics Course
BIBL 518 Advanced Hermeneutics Course
PSYC 529 Psychology: Personality Course
PSYC 527 Psychological Disorders Course
CBUS 543 Advanced Business Course
FIN 537 Financial Management Course
PSYC 528 Treating Psychological Disorders Course
PSYC 530 Psychology: Emotions & Motivations Course
PSYC 523 Psychology: Growing & Developing Course
LED 579 The Spirit Formed Leader Course
PSYC 531 Psychology in our Social Lives Course
BIBL 528 Conversion: The Holy Spirit Course

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Tuition Fee : $7,500.00