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Bachelor of Arts in Religious Fine Arts

The Degree program provides the student with understanding and wisdom in the implementation of creative arts.

The Bachelor of Arts in Religious Fine Arts prepares students for teaching ministries in churches, seminaries, Bible institutes and other ministry settings.

Careers include Pastoral Ministry, Worship Leader, Creative Arts Pastor, Church Management, Youth Ministry, Entrepreneur

What you’ll learn

  1. Skills and knowledge needed to effectively serve in parishes, dioceses or other ministerial settings.
  2. Understand the basics of homiletics and hermeneutics.
  3. Old and new testament backgrounds.
  4. Understand the basic principles of counseling.
  5. Prepares students to increase competence and understanding in the Word of God by utilizing basic methods of biblical interpretation.
  6. Understand Church doctrine.
  7. Learn business management and human psychology.
  8. Enable students to integrate biblical and theological understanding with creative arts.
  9. Understand essential principles and ethics of Christianity.

At YUAS, we are committed to preparing our students academically, spiritually and professionally.

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Degree Curriculum

BIST 101 Christian Worship Course
BIST 103 Christology Course
BIBT 231 Soteriology Course
BIBL 117 Introduction to Homiletics Course
BIBL 119 Introduction to Hermeneutics Course
BIST 113 Born-Again Phenomenon Course
BIST 203 Church History Course
CETH 256 Christian Ethics Course
PSY 249 Psychology in the Real World I Course
BIBL 303 New Testament Survey Course
BIBL 305 Old Testament Survey Course
BIST 223 Revelation of Jesus Christ Course
COMM 417 Communication in Business Course
LED 476 Foundations for Successful Leadership I Course
FIN 235 Finance Overview Course
BIBL 427 Advanced New Testament Survey Course
BIBL 428 Advanced Old Testament Survey Course
BIBM 115 Church, Her Authority & Mission I Course
BIBM 215 Church, Her Authority & Mission II Course
FIN 357 Basics of Financial Analysis Course
SOC 130 Basics of Sociology Course
COUS 136 Principles of Counseling Course
MBUS 436 Business Mgt & Human Psychology Course
CBUS 219 Business Ethics Course
CBUS 307 Entrepreneurship Course

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Tuition Fee : $5,000.00